I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to focus on writing my novel.

For the moment my dissertation is lying dormant. But in the manner of the best bread dough left to ferment by itself in a warm place my dissertation still has a life of its own, even when my attention is seemingly elsewhere.

Each time I sit down to do some creative writing I end up with new ideas, thoughts, links, words even, for my dissertation.

When I first started this Phd I wondered how I could possibly write creatively and academically at the same time. How could I divide my attention between these two seemingly disparate projects? What if I found it impossible to switch languages, to switch styles? What if my brain couldn’t cope with thinking creatively and theoretically at the same time and gave up in protest?

It’s still early days, but it seems that not only is there quite a bit of overlap (not all that surprising when you consider my dissertation is looking at themes/questions in my novel) but they also actively feed into each other, so that I have trouble keeping up with all the ideas being generated. It’s actually very exciting, and makes me feel very  glad I took the step (leap!) to do this in the first place.

Now all I need is more hours in the day to put all these ideas into practice.

It’s a bit like having the bread dough all ready but no time to bake it…



2 thoughts on “bread

  1. Very good way to put it. A lot of my writing ideas, I like to let sit in the back of my mind while I live the rest of my life…just ever so subtly letting them marinate in my subconscious.
    Oh and good luck with the Phd!!


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