Talking shop

I am not alone!

Oh the joy to be found in the simple act of chatting about writing and books with likeminded people.

As a long distance (different side of the world) student I just don’t get that casual chitchat that I remember from previous study. There’s no water cooler in our house and when I do pass the cat in the hallway she barely makes eye contact.

Factor in living in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and you can see my dilemma.

But then I discovered an existing group for people interested in writing and talking about it – in English.


It was fun. I came home feeling inspired and I realise how much I’ve missed hearing the opinions of other people and forcing my own upon them in return.

My family are always happy to chat with me but it’s never going to be the same, is it? And I’ve got friends who love books as much as I do, but there’s something about a dedicated group that is different.

Writing and research are such solitary activities so it makes a change to hear the words out loud instead of just in your head.

The glass of wine I had helped, too.

wine books


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