I’m an Australian living in Switzerland with my partner and young daughter. I started out working as a music teacher and performer before working in the education sector as a careers counsellor, researcher and lecturer, in Australia, the UK and Switzerland. I currently have my own music-teaching studio where I teach singing and piano, but I spend most of my time writing, writing, writing (with lots of singing thrown in too).

A few years ago I enrolled in a Master of Communication degree at Deakin University, Australia, deciding to focus on creative writing (both fiction and nonfiction). After years of writing and researching as part of my day job but also trying to write fiction at home for the sheer hell of it and without a real framework, it was enlightening and wonderful to suddenly have a purpose, and to also realise that I actually wasn’t too bad at it.

And so now I’ve taken a leap of faith and enrolled in a Phd at Deakin University; the opportunity to combine this with some more detailed theoretical thinking was so tempting I couldn’t resist.

My plan is to write an historical novel called ‘The Tank’ and set in Far North Queensland in the 1800s. I’ll also complete an exegesis, which will be critically linked to central themes of the novel. Call me crazy but I’m attempting to do the whole thing as an off-campus (whole other side of the world) student living in Switzerland.

Wish me luck!

Kate Paine

P.S If you’d like to hear what the singing bit of all this sounds like, go to my other blog: Kate Paine Sings Some Songs



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